waiting butterflies are not thinking of you

Today I had a beautiful surprise: my last poem “Oggi” was an inspiration for a new, fascinating visual and poetic work on Implied Spaces, a project I warmly recommend you for its deep and surprising depictions of the complexity and simplicity of beauty.

Implied Spaces

waiting butterflies are not thinking of you

You should not dance – in the hospital, waiting butterflies are not thinking of you.

In the room of Deprivation,

Waltz past the drawing table –

Neon steel shines brightly –

electric white cones,

Great giants rise up –

the analgesics needles were angel hairs

that day in September.

Stars – on Cerulean kabuki gowns cast near –

rise above the lapping waves,

then sink mournfully

to the call of a black and white trumpet.

They are invisible to those Grey-green Gowns with the ivory trombones.

Tasking the centre now….

What is missing? ….

Whither you go East or West ,

What time is it now ?

X-rays of empty days,

filling the long hallways with empty weeks,….

I do not believe you.

You can not make transparent promises.

Today we’ll see clouds in the Dishpan Lakes –

“Only currently do imports bring porridge,”

we will say,

while sitting,


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41 thoughts on “waiting butterflies are not thinking of you

  1. Thanks again for supporting my blog. I try to explore of cultures and points of view through the blogging community. Reaching across the divide can only help break down ignorance and fear, offering us new experiences and insights.

    BTW the second and third images are earlier compositions that I have used in this context. If you click the images they will open up the posts in which they had originally appeared – furthering expanding the linkage and context that includes your original piece. All the best. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I migliori colpi artistici sono inaspettati, d’altronde si sa che l’artista indolente deve solo allungare la mano per cogliere il frutto della bellezza cui tutti i mortali anelano senza poterlo raggiungere.


                    1. No, anzi, il passato ci è ignoto, è inesplorato e ci offre possibilità infinite. Noi dobbiamo scoprirlo, costruirlo e abitarlo. Il futuro è solo una pallida ombra di desideri autoreferenziali, sommamente spenti!


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